"Arianna Zukerman possesses a remarkable voice that combines the range, warmth and facility of a Rossini mezzo with shimmering, round high notes and exquisite pianissimos that would make any soprano jealous."
The Washington Post
"...soprano Arianna Zukerman sings with a supremely controlled tone that never strays from pure beauty..."
The Whole Note
...Arianna Zukerman is a classical singer whose lyric soprano has been applauded widely and wildly. To see and hear her in our own little opera house of sorts, was to exult in the lusciousness of her voice, face, and figure (sorry, but it’s all part of the gorgeous package). Not to mention her acting chops, comic and tragic.
imby (in my back yard)
"Arianna Zukerman sings with subdued beauty."
The Guardian
"Soprano Arianna Zukerman simply soared, as if her voice was a passageway to heaven."
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Jan-20-2013 • The first major choral setting of The Diary of Anne Frank takes the teenager’s remarkable and penetrating observations, written whilst hiding in an Amsterdam attic, as the basis of its extraordinary and moving libretto. James Whitbourn’s music for this work has been described as... See More...
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